31. Maiden flight

At last, time to let the new songs come dead or alive in the Vulture Nest. For Vultures only to hear. Grrrrrr. (February, 5)

30. Song order list

The song order list of Still Alive but in a Different Way is settled and Fred shows how the songs begin. Well, at least he got five out of six; then he found himself knocked out in the blue, not standing tall in the red corner. (January, 29)

29. Song order lists

Armed, but not dangerous, with one personal song order list each, the two vultures are about to get in a f(l)ight where beaks will glow, lost feathers paint the sky black and arguments swoosh by like rapid fire. Once the order is settled, the camera can be turned on again, revealing what’s left of the originally proposed orders. (January, 23)

28. One Year Ago

One year ago Fred’s personal hero took her final breath; she is still alive, but in a different way. (January, 19)

27. Happy New Mixing Year

With the new year under their wings, it’s time for the vultures to finish the mixing process off. (January, 8)

26. Mixing surprise

Fred gives an account on how the mixing is progressing. Up his sleave, he’s got an appetizer, for those hungry vultures hovering around the Nest. (December, 12)

25. Fika time!

Fika time! With a stash full of cookies to go with that cup of tea or coffee, vultures smile; getting ready to rocket the sugar levels to the sky. Well, at least one vulture seems to be flying high already. (December, 5)

24. Tedious hours

When the spirits are low, due to tedious hours inside of the mixing hell, there is only one thing that can bring vultures back up on their claws again: a cup of tea or coffee. Have a break and grab that cup now! (November, 27)

23. Vultures going bald

No place to run to, no place to hide in; when the Mixing Monster knocks on the door, even bald headed vultures tremble with fear, good-looking or not. (November, 20)

22.Yet Another Nightmare’s About to Begin

When Fred flies out of the Nest, the band has reached yet another destination. Now time has come for yet another nightmarish journey into the unknown. On this flight, an ungentle touch of a slider might cause a slide straight into the ditch. Tense atmosphere in the Nest, to say the least. (November, 13)

21. What's in your ear

In the pre-mixing stage, BG starts the pan operation to find a way to create some surprise for the ear-phone listener. (November, 6)

20. Freeflying Fred

With BG out of Vulture City, Fred takes the latest Zitter recordings on a freefall dive into the unknown. (Rocktober, 30)

19. Problematic 1/4 bar

How much trouble ¼ of a bar can cause. (Rocktober, 23)

18. Grrrroovylicious Macalico Adee

Fasten your seat belts, cause Macalico Adee turns the Nest into a grrroovylicious palace. Not for persons with a hip condition. (October, 16)

17. Zitter’s little helper

When help is needed in the Nest, there is only one little Vulture to call in. (October, 9)

16. Personal thanks

Personal thanks to soulful heroes. New vocal recordings to be done. (October, 2)

15. September

So how are the recordings going this far? Anything left on the to-do-lists? Get the marker ready, green is the colour of the day! (September, 24)

14. bg vox

When plan A turns into plan B, the red recording light still shines outside the Vulture Nest, no matter the health condition of the vultures inside. (September, 11)

13. Vocals for You

Fred lays down the first vocals for Bullet for you. Later this very same Sunday, he also nailed the words to Ink in Your Name. (September, 4)

12. Vultureistic Drama

Fred turns into a drama queen-vulture, when he realises that his longed for re-arrangement of Personal Hero sounds too much like a happy, prancing cuckoo (Cuculus canorus). In the Vulture Nest! (August, 28)

11. In the Red "Corner"

For the first time, Zitter is working on an instrumental track. In this clip, BG explains how the song got its titel and how it is supposed to be pronounced. (August, 25)

10. R.I.P. Story

The band rehearse R.I.P. to turn the software version of the tune into a vultureistic beak n’ roller. (August, 21)

9. A Bulletproof Story For You Pt I & II

BG gives an account on how one arrangement idea for the song Bullet for you first was rejected during the song writing process, then returned anyhow. Pt I & II (August, 20)

8. Twelve-string wings in the air

BG records the 12-string verse of Ink in your name. (August, 14)

7. "Slaskis"

Fred records a first version of the studio created track Ink in you name. This version will give the band something to cut, paste and play around with, until the final stitch of this yet-not-in-detail-sketched suit, has been sewn. (August, 7)

6. No Skull strings attached

Skull strings not attached New strings, but not of the right gauge! Out of habit, BG put on his regular brand and gauge, totally forgetting the gift from Fred: three sets of heavy gauged Skull strings, perfect for recording d-drop songs. Doesn't carcass sinews do the jobb anymore? (July, 31)

5. Skull Strings Attached

It might seem like Fred landed an endorsement deal with a string manufacturer. Or, has he just been fooled by a cunning music shop employee? Time to record some bass, to Bullet for You, no matter what. (July, 23)

4. Arrangement idea

While BG is enjoing yet another cup of tea, Fred comes up with an arrangement idea for the tune Ink in you name. Looks like a decision is made right there and then, while the tea still holds its drinking temperature. (July, 17)

3. Fred learns BG to play

Fred shows BG how to play the new track Ink in your name. Luckily the guitarist seems to know the chords, even though there is a miss or two during the first play through of the song. It seems like Ink in your name will be a typically studio created track, not a song the band work on during rehearsel hours. Usually this means the tune, more or less, will end up a lot like the first presented idea. (July, 10)

2. Welcome to the Nest!

A walk through the Vulture Nest, where Zitter create and record their beak n' roll machine music. (July, 3)

1. Take off!

Time for the Vulture Machine to take off once again. Zitter announce their plans of recording a new EP. Join the band on this retrofutureistic flight through the summer weeks where the upcoming video clips will give a hint of their whereabouts and what-are-they-doing-abouts. (June, 26)