NEWS 2014

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Merry X-mas and a happy 2015 to all vulture beaks and vulturettes, from us in the Vulture Nest! (December, 22)

The Vulture Nest is now re-located to a brand new tree. With this sudden turn of events, new inspiration comes as the good ol' songs are played once again. (November, 16)

A big thank you for all the support we've got from Brazil and Latin America! If you would like a copy of Quintus, please let us know by sending us an e-mail to zitterswan [at] (Roctober, 22)

Activity report #17 from the Vulture Nest. Recording a Zitter disc is an unpredictable drive in the Vultureautomobile. Hours of driving, is followed by a couple of days, weeks or months in the parking lot, but never in the ditch. While melting impressions of this n’ that, the vultureistic eyes n’ ears are constantly in search of something else, more and different. At the moment, we’re cruising down Vulture alley, getting inspiration, only waiting for the hoarse battle croak to fill the air, announcing time has come to put the pedal to metal and steer the Vultureautomobile back, up on the highway. There, at the end of the asphalt scar running through the landscape, it looms, the final destination; Retrofuturistic land. (July, 6)

Listen to No Room @ MySpace! Or enjoy the video @ YouTube! (June, 8)

Make room for No Room, the brand new Zitter track. The video is now up n’ running on YouTube. Check it out by clicking here! (April, 27)

Activity report #16 from the Vulture Nest. No Room for any more excuses. Time to crack the shell of another vulture egg. What gorgeous little creature resides in there? Does the vultures still know how to hoax and flap with unclipped wings? Tomorrow is the day for answers, not today. Leave room for no more silence but anticipating astonishment. (April, 26)

If you want to listen to Quintus at Medianet, just click here. If you prefer to listen to Quintus at Rhapsody, just click here. (April, 12)

Activity report #15 from the Vulture Nest. We are now one step closer to finish the recordings of No Room. The goddess of singing Malin Hween stepped by the Vulture Nest today and recorded some vocals. Thank You, Malin. (March, 29)

Activity report #14 from the Vulture Nest. During the latest recording sessions, colourful strings of nylon were woven into what could be the quilt to wrap around you on frost bitten winter nites. But now it’s time to electrify the feathers again! (March, 21)

All our British and Irish fans can get Quintus from Blinkbox (previously we7). Get to Blinkbox by clicking here! (March, 8)

Meanwhile, back in the Vulture Nest, the mixing of No Room is a still ongoing process. While waiting for the result, why not do a retrofuturistic dive back in pre-Quintus time and listen to a selection of songs from the first four discs? At SoundClick, songs from Swansong 11, Happy Fools’ Parade, Alligator Highway and The Vulture Machine are still available for listening n’ downloading. To get there, just click here. Enjoy! (February, 22)

Good news from the Nest! This evening we started the video recordings for No Room. But we have even better news...... Our absolute favourite singer Malin Hween is coming to the Nest for some recordings, thanks Malin. (February, 2)

Activity report #13 from the Vulture Nest. Hoaxing vultures violating the tranquillity of the Vulture Nest. Facing the letters, getting the song sung. Improvising initiative initiated at eighteen hundred and fifteen. Backing back, beckoning, at eighteen hundred and forty-five. All done, indeed. This is not how it could be done, could it? Should it? In the Vulture Nest? Done it was, indeed. Hoarse vultures vibrating, transfigured in the Vulture Nest. (January, 21)