NEWS 2013

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Happy New Year! During the X-mas days, the recording of the brand new song No Room continued. All rhythm n’ solo parts have been recorded, the drum n’ keyboard parts are in place. All that is left to record are some guitar fills n’ the vocals, then the mixing process can begin. The lights from the machines sparkle n’ shine like fireworks, promising 2014 to be a good musical year in the Vulture Nest. (December, 30)

Acitivity report # 12 from the Vulture Nest. A phone call earlier, the Vulturemobile was safely parked beside the highway. Months of sipping tea and swinging golf clubs ended with that call. So it was to be. The smell of burnt rubber filled the nostrils. No Sunday driving allowed, no room for excuses. Chubby fingers started their fretboard flight; first on the acoustic guitar, then on the bass. The caller was the driver, the driver the writer, the writer a personal hero. Kind of. Now, the phone call later, this vulture smiled into the rear-view mirror. There, in the back seat, the other vulture, fiddling with knobs, still holding on to that cup of tea. (December, 17)

Ten years ago, back in 2003, Zitter released Alligator Highway, the disc that settled the direction for their to be vultureistic beak n’ roll machine music. Why not celebrate the anniversary with a spin or two of their first ever video, Sunny Day Holiday, created by Rotten Soulz? The chances are good the November rain turns into an ocean wave perfect for surfing. Just click here. (November, 9)

Activity report #11 from the Vulture Nest. One packet of chewing gum. Two dislocated jaws. The recipe to get the Vulturemobile out of ditch, onto the highway. Rolling on fixed, inflated tires, the trip was a comfortably one for a while, resulting in guitar n’ bass tracks finished on three more songs. Then, a call for a jar of balm n’ packet of plaster. Too many sore n’ bleeding fingers. (August, 31)

Activity report #10 from the Vulture Nest. This recording process is like driving a car during rush hour: at times the car is moving a few centimetres, then it stands still. Then comes a shock when it is close to possible to drive according to the speed limit. Unfortunately that doesn’t last very long. Than it is back to snail speed again, standstill and sipping on a soft drink. For the last couple of months, the Vulturemobile has been standing in the ditch with a blow-out. Even the spare tyre was flat. But home is always calling! That is inspiration worth remembering. (August, 14)

Sunny Days Holidays means give-away-for-free time. If you want your personal signed copy of Quintus, just drop us an e-mail with the address where to send it, and the disc will be in the hands of a post(wo)man before soon. The e-mail address is zitterswan (at) or click here. (July, 5)

Activity report #9 from the Vulture Nest. The Easter bunny teased with chocolate bars instead of raw meat for every instrumental track locked in as Done, done, done!!! This encouragement turned out favourable, judging from the brown coloured beaks glittering in the sun. (April, 2)

Tomorrow, Saturday, the 16th of March, is the big day! The release party of the last episode of Hard Steel. Get the party going at O´Learys, Umeå Arenan, from 19.00. At 23.00 Supercharged Pitbulls enters the stage. (March, 15)

Activity report #8 from the Vulture Nest. When the icicle-fingers melted at last, they were stretched towards that magic button. Once again red light reflected in the two pale faces. The winter couldn’t have been too hard on the inhabitants of the Vulture Nest, though. Under a layer of dust stood the acoustic guitars, saved from the destiny of becoming firewood during long, lonely, dark winter hours.

The plucking of strings lasted through eleven songs. Some were adorned with sparkling pearls, others more or less stripped of distorsion in favour of a cleaner sound.

Following a spontaneous impulse, one special song suddenly was dressed in acoustical satin from sharp tooth to tail end. That could be the cruising version down the highway in reptile speed. (March, 4)

Make sure not to miss the release party of the final episode of the hilarious Rotten Soulz comedy Hard Steel. The release party takes place at O´Learys, Umeå Arenan, on March 16 at 19.00. The party band Supercharged Pitbulls hits the stage at 23.00. For more information about the event, please contact Stefan at rottensoulz [at] or check out all about it on Facebook by clicking here. (February, 19)