NEWS 2012

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To all our Finish fans n' friends! Get your favourite songs from Quintus at Just click here! Anyone with an irresistiable urge to listen to Judas Was a Saint, could satisfiy that itch at Just click here, to get there. (July, 10)

Make sure not to miss this (or the other) episode of the fabulous Hard Steel Webisodes! Otto had fifteen minutes to get from his cabin to the band meeting or he would get sacked. Of course he made it on time, perhaps because he's running like a Fast Train? The Webisodes have English subtitles. Just click here! (July, 3)

To all our Norwegian fans n' friends: Quintus is always available for a spin at Just click here to get there right away! (June, 27)

Activity report # 1 from the Vulture Nest. The first taste of the recording pie has been sweet. Raspberry flavour, indeed. With the mouth full, it ain’t possible to spell out when, where, why, there will be new tunes out of the Vulture Nest. Still smiling, high on the sugar rush, there is only one thing to do, record some more. (June, 16)

While the recordings are progressing in a comfortably, steady pace, the time we’ve spent together under the same roof has been used to get a grip on a couple of completely new riffs, turning them into groovy beak n’ rollers. The energy is there, so is the hooks, as well as some of the lyrics. No lack of inspiration or creativity in the Vulture Nest! (May, 29)

While trying out a couple of new songs the other day, we found ourselves jamming on a completelyt new riff. A new one? The creativity is there, indeed! (May, 22)

Don’t fast your seatbelts! We haven’t! Not now when we finally have decided to start a recording session. With the pedal to the metal, we’ll be heading down the highway, straight to the retrofuturistic palazzo. Looking to the right, looking to the left, to see what birds will guide us on this road trip. But since we’re no speedfreaks, we’ll probably take some time cruising the Vulture Blvd as well. After all, that’s where we scavengers belong. (May, 14)

Let’s turn back time to get a grip of today! Fred went down into the dusty digital archive. Safely back, he brought out what he had hidden under his black leather jacket: the footage shot two years ago, intended for a video to the first track off the Quintus disc. The following weeks he edited the footage into an astonishing video that capture what Zitter was all about two long years ago, and even might still be about today! Some years late, but still, the video is very much up to date with a retrofuturistic heading band. The video includes some steam train huffing n’ puffing that is not to be heard on the Quintus disc.

Today, April, 20, is the world première of the video to Fast Train! So kickstart your Friday-partying with a spin or two of the Fast Train-video at YouTube. Just click here to get to the video! Or click here to get to the Zitter video channel.

To celebrate this great event, there will be a free giveaway of Quintus! If you want a physical copy of the disc, just send an e-mail with information on where it should be sent and it will be on its’ way. Send the e-mail to zitterswan (at) or click here. The offer lasts until May, 17. (April, 20)

Fred has completed the editing of something that will bring Zitter back on the right track. Let the hours pass quickly n' swiftly as he has decided to reveal the big secret on April, 20. So prance n' dance away the days untill Friday with the help of V.I.F. Then, fasten your seatbelt for some fast ride. It's time to switch on or off your tube for the real stuff. (April, 16)

Make sure you don't miss any of the metal webisodes of Rotten Soulz hilarious comedy serie hard Steel. In the episode House of Metal, God Loves You But I Don't is played during the credits. Visit Rotten Soulz' channel at YouTube by clicking here. (March, 26)

Fred sent me an e-mail letting me know he's currently working on a "Zitter project". No clues given away. Your guess is as good as mine. All he mentioned was that he'll write a post on Facebook about it. Therefore, there is a huge chance that you'll find out what that secret project is all about before the rest of Zitter camp does. Will it shake the foundations of the Vulture Nest? Visit Zitter at Facebook by cklicking here. /BG (March, 17)

Here is the lyrics to VIF. Sing along loud and clear! The English translation, might give a hint of what the song is about. (March 13)


(Music & lyrics by Fred Z)


Tre starka bokstäver, hockey är vårt spel      

Isen är spolad och skridskorna är på
Här kommer gänget som segern vill nå
De passar och skjuter, dribblar både en och två
Och på läktaren sjunger de som så.
Vi sjunger

Tre starka bokstäver, å hockey är vårt spel
I Haribo är vi starka och där gör vi aldrig fel

Det spelar ingen roll om de andra gör mål
För spelarna i blått har en vilja av stål
De kämpar å sliter och lägger på ett kol
Och då kan man höra publikens vrål.
Vi vrålar

V I F ...

Och farsorna och morsorna jublar när vi gör
Mål! Mål! MÅL!

V I F ...

Three capital letters, hockey is our game

The ice is ready, we’ve got the skates on our feet
Here comes the team, ready to win
They pass the puck, take a shot and dribble an opponent or two
And the audience are singing
We are singing

Three capital letters, hockey is our game
We are unbeatable in the Haribo arena, we never make a mistake

It doesn’t matter if the other team scores
Because the players in blue are made of steel
They give their very best until the very end
And then we all here the audience scream
We scream

V I F ...

Our dads and mums scream when we
Score! Score! SCORE!

V I F ...


The first mix is up n' runing! Enjoy! (February, 5)

We’ve spent the last two weeks getting the final musical pieces into shape. With all sound effects in place, the drums not beating around the bush anymore and the midi notes tuned right, the mixing fingers trembled a little, and then, got to work. Yesterday, we managed to do a first rough mix. It’ll be our guiding light through this week until we meet again. (January, 30)

Sunday afternoon, and it was close to impossible to sit still in the Vulture Nest as the tracks were re-arranged to bring the VIF-song a heartbeat closer to life. We spent this week getting the drum parts as well as the keyboard arrangement into place. Some new ideas popped up during the session today, which means there will be a few more things to program and sound effects to create before the trembling mixing fingers will start their journey into the jungle of knobs and thingelidingos. Turn up, squeeze right, break a bone or two as the knobs are being screwed around. A curse word or two will most certainly be added to the mix, not recorded though.  (January, 15)

With Zitter standards, the recording of VIF is running like the Japanese super-schnell-train, Shinkansen. The guitar and bass tracks are nailed, as is the vocals (recorded in a somewhat unorthodox way) just in a weeks’ time. All there is left is to get the keyboard arrangement and some sound effects in line before it’s time for Macallico to put up the sticks in the air. Then the process goes into mixing mode, which will give us some more gray hairs. Guaranteed. Hang in for more updates! (January, 8)

Happy new year!

Thanks for all support during 2011! Even though the hiatus button was activated throughout the whole year, Quintus wasn’t completely caught up in the musical cyberspace void.

During the X-mas season Zitter strung some acoustic chords once again. Finally a musical sparkle in the Vulture Nest! Hockey coach Fred has written a theme song for the team he is coaching. Of course, this catchy punk ‘n roller, with lyrics in Swedish, needs to be recorded before the ice melts in the hockey temple. Therefore, the preparations will soon turn into recording mode. The title of the song? VIF, the acronym for the team. 

So, keep your ears n’ eyes upon! There will be a hiatus in the hiatus resulting in at least one song during 2012! But that could also be the beginning of something more thrilling. Life does take some strange turns some times.

All the best for 2012!
BG & Fred  (January, 1)