NEWS 2011

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X-mas is around the corner, so time has come for a new free give away of Quintus! If you would like a copy of Quintus, just send us an e-mail with your address and the disc will be on its way to you. The free give away ends at December 14. (November, 29)

Quintus is also available at the following sites. Just click on the pics to get there! (August, 29)

Charts in France GreatSongs MOG Napster Tradebit

Thanks to all who wanted a free copy of Quintus! Hope you’ll enjoy the disc! Who knows, there might be another giveaway when the snow starts falling. So keep your eyes open. (August, 16)

Summer Give Away

Sunny Day Holiday! This should be celebrated. The first 15 persons who send us an e-mail will recieve the latest Zitter release, Quintus for free! Just click on this link to send that e-mail immediately! Please, don’t forget to include your address. (July, 19)

We got a lot of inspiration during the Get Away festival that took place in Gävle July 7-9! Check out the pics and see some bands we rocked out to. Well, and some of the bands we just happened to pass by while they were playing. (July, 14)

It’s almost on the day one year since Zitter closed the door to their rehearsal room. Personal issues lay behind the decision to put the band on hiatus for a year. Some of these issues are now history; others are not. This means the hiatus will last a little bit longer. There hasn’t been a total inactivity in the Vulture Nest this past year, though. A year ago, the band had songs for at least one more disc. Now it looks and sounds more like it could be two. There is also footage to be cut into a number of videos to Quintus-songs. Scum is one of those. 

If you by chance have stumbled across a Quintus review in some printed fanzine, please let us know. Send an email by clicking here!

Enjoy the summer! Then keep your eyes and ears open for more Zitter music! (June, 26)

Judas Was A Saint is now featured on Hitlantis. Just click here!
In the forth part of the breathtaking Hard Steel comedy, Otto the Almighty is running like the maniac he is to the tones of Fast Train. Make sure not to miss out on the third episode. It's not over the top funny, the Rotten Soulz video is included as extra material. Please visit Rotten Soulz for more information. Here's the link. (May, 14)

Kristen K of holds Quintus to be a “polished album” where the musical influences from the 70’s and 90’s blends together well. BG gets a thumb up for his guitar work. Judas Was A Saint is said to be a “heavier, fuzzed-out guitar work like Metallica in the ‘90s plus Alice Cooper vocalizations”. Check out the full review here. (May, 2)

Zitter faced the wind and the sun to shoot some footage that will be cut into a video for Scum. Stay tuned for more info. (April 20)

Rotten Soulz are very active at the moment showing the fabulous episodes of Hard Steel. Check out the first four episodes on February 26 at Hamnmagasinet, Umeå. The evening starts at 18.00 and closes when the morning birds sing their good morning song. Six band will play in between the episodes. Check out this link! (February, 26)

Don't miss the latest episodes of the Hard Steel comedy! The première night is February 12 at Folkets bio in Umeå. The event starts at 14.00. Check out this link for more info! Then get ready for the Metal Movie Night when the episodes will be shown once more. It takes place on February 19 at Scharinska villan. The doors open at 20.00 and closes at 02.00. For more info, check out this link!
And as if that wasn't enough, six Rotten Soulz movies and six bands will turn Hamnmagasinet in Umeå into something spectacular on February 11. The doors open at 18.00 and closes at 23.30. Check out this link for more info! Rotten Soulz know how to make crazy things even crazier! (February, 4)

Happy New Year! Let 2011 be hot rocking year! Zitter is still on its' creative hiatus. Plans and preparations for more releases are being made in the Vulture Nest. Stay tuned for more information! (January 8)