NEWS 2010

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Quintus is now also available at, & (November 21)

Zitter is now on Facebook! C'mon and join us on that retrofuturistic ride! (November 9)

It looks like we’re going to spend the autumn writing new material. At the same time, we’re taking care of the songs we worked on while we finished off the Quintus disc. The fingers might even find themselves moving in some very familiar ways as well since we even spend some time looking what’s left in the old Zitter archive. The pile of songs being prepared for a new recording session is growing, to say the least. At t his point, the priority is on writing and programming. The intention is to get the actual recording running during the winter months. (October, 28)

Stefan from the Rotten Soulz gang has made a video entitled Dudesons Tribute # 1. The music used in the video is the Zitter song is Silent Paintings Speak. Fasten your seatbelts, cause this is breathtaking n‘ crazy stuff! Check it out here! (September, 26)

Now we have found a temporary branch to re-build the Studio Vulture on. With all equipment up n’ running, with the cables in the right sockets, the instruments could be plugged in for a serious recording session, not interrupted by any distracting things like rehearsing, jamming or having fun. With that said, nothing will probably change when it comes to the ordinary Zitter snail pace of putting down tracks on the hard disc. So, it’s still plenty of time to sit back and enjoy the complete Quintus disc by streaming it on Spotify.

Quintus is now available on Spotify! Listen to the complete 13 tracks or just your favourite ones! Don't forget to save them in your favourite playlist! Click here if you haven't got Spotify already!

The disc is also available for listening or downloading on (Swedish or international site).   Quintus is also available in the Itunes store. Here's the direct link to Quintus on Itunes! (August 22)

Quintus is now available on Here's the link to Quintus on the Swedish store! Here is the link to the international!  (August 15)

Buy Quintus on  Itunes! Now you can listen to and buy the complete Quintus disc or just your new favourite Zitter tracks in the  Itunes store. Here's the direct link to Quintus on Itunes! More on-line stores will be added later.  (August 2)

We've had some annoying problems with our previous web hotel. Now we've changed to this web hotel, which will guarantee that everything's working properly in the future.  Have a great summer! (July 18)

The home page has undergone a few, but not that dramatic, changes. Some of them might be easily detected, some might not. Have a great summer! (July 13)

Make sure you're not missing the Quintus releases on Zitters MySpace page! Today two new songs have been added: If You Want To Have Fun and God Loves You But I Don't. These two tracks epitomize what the vulturistic beak n' roll is all about! Click yourself over and listen to these two songs and the other Quintus releases on MySpace! (July 6)

It's time to release two more Quintus-songs on MySpace. Judas Was A Saint has already gained some great feedback. Here is the Quintus-version! The second release is a mid-tempo, yet at times very groovy Zitter song entitled Silent Paintings Speak. This song is Fred's favorite song number one right now. One reason might be the appearance of the Zitter favourite darling! Click here to get the new releases on MySpace! (June 23)

Make sure not to miss the first two songs from Quintus released at MySpace. The songs may be well-known, but only in previous versions and mixes. No time to wait, jump over to MySpace and listen to Alcohol and Mr. High Five in their Quintus-feathers! (June 14)

Make sure to download the songs on the MySpace page during this week, cause they are about to be put in a unbreakable egg never to be available again. Yes, the time has soon come … (June, 7)

Sadly, the wings of the vulture are broken. BG and Fred have decided to close the door to the Vulture Nest. It’s a mutual decision, grounded on some Zitter-related issues as well as issues of a personal nature. The timing could have been better, considering the upcoming release of Quintus. But, that’s how things always have been working in the Vulture Nest! Since there is no schism between the two members, they might be back if the wings are healed right. Meanwhile, if a “fore” is heard, the golf-addicted Fred might materialize. Where to find BG, no one seems to know.

Zitter wish to say a great vulturistic thank you to all who have supported the band through this twelve yearlong light! (May 23)
After some adjustments of the layout, Quintus is now going to the CD-factory. (May, 20)

The final Quintus master version we have listened to clocks in on 39 minutes and 39 seconds. There are thirteen songs on the disc:

1. Fast Train
2. If You Want To Have Fun
3. Mr. High Five
4. Alcohol
5. Silent Paintings Speak
6. Not Your Servant
7. Ghost Dance
8. Scum
9. Evil Bitch
10. Judas Was A Saint
11. Rotten Soulz
12. God Loves You But I Don’t
13. The Retrofuturistic Ride
(May 6)

BG is currently working on a side project entitled the Masqued Machine. At this point the project consists on three songs. These will be recorded and released early this summer. The music will be a bit heavier and rely more on programmed elements than what is usually the case with the vulturistic beak n’ roll music Zitter deliver. BG sees this as an opportunity to let his addiction to synth pop music shine through more prominently. The side project is not going to slow down the process on working on new Zitter material. (April 30)

No good news is good news. We are working on several projects at his time, so the silence is once again due to over-activity. Some of the projects are old, still unfinished ones. Then there are a number of completely new ones. Stay tuned so you don’t miss what eggs are hatching in the Vulture Nest.
The work on the Quintus disc is now solely in the hands of Serpentine. All seems good this far. No news is sometimes definitely good news. (April 11)
This weekend we moved the Vulture Nest to a new location. This environmental change might be that vitalizing kick that turns the up-coming recordings into a field trip. The much-delayed changeover to a computer based recording system will guarantee that. With everything in place, new recordings might, oddly 'nuff, even start before the release of Quintus! (March 30)

Make sure not to miss the Zitter blog over at MySpace. This spring, the band will write quite a few shorter n' some longer stories concerning their inspiration and stuff. Some stories might be serious, some might not. Check out what has been written so far by clicking here! (March, 16)
Two major decisions have been made concerning the release of Quintus. It will be released by Vulture Nest in cooperation with Serpentine Music. The mastering will be done by Mastering Studio. No date is set for the release, but it will out before the sunny days turns into the holidays. (March 2)
The final mix of the Quintus is now done! The transition of the material from one recording device to another one caused a few problems to solve, one being the sound of the recorded stuff. The remixing process took too long, but was necessary to create a vital sounding mix appropriate to those 13 Quintus-songs . Now we have to decide who will have the honor of giving those tracks a professional mastering treatment. (February 1 4)

This time around we have opened up the lid on the coffin and found four stories to the Happy Fool's Parade disc. Read some thoughts and memories about Childhood Days. Hey, How And Right Or Wrong! (February 4)