NEWS 2009

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What better way to finish the ol’ year n’ start the new one but to release two ol’ songs in new costume? Here comes Flux n’ Little Princess, two songs previously on the Rotten Soulz disc, but now on their own as the Quintus Xtra tracks. Happy New Year! 2010 is the year of Quintus! (December 30)

If all goes as planned we're going to do new mixes of two of the tracks from the Rotten Soulz' disc and release them on MySpace before Santa is in town. So stay tuned to get your ears on the two tracks, Flux and Little Princess. (December 17)

The first mix is complete of the Quintus disc. Now the work starts with the fine tuning to get as much as possible out of the tracks. At this point the disc will contain 13 songs, clocking in around 40 + minutes. A record shouldn't be longer! (December 3)

The second episode of the Hard Steel comedy by Rotten Soulz is out! It is as crazy as the first one. Episode 2 n' the bloopers contains excerpts from Red House, God Of Wine n' Side By Side. (November 29)

Judas Was A Saint – the new release from the Quintus disc! The lyrics have now been added to the track at MySpace! It's also published on the blog. (November 19)

Judas Was A Saint – the new release from the Quintus disc! Being a Zitter song, it might sound a bit dark, but the melodies are there as usual. It is only available at the Zitter page at MySpace!
Don’t forget to pop over to Folkets bio if you happen to be in Umeå on Saturday, 15 November! There the first two episodes of the Hard Steel comedy will be running at 14.00. Laughs included in the ticket price! Just as in the first episode, Zitter music could be heard in the second one; this time it is excerpts from Red House and God Of Wine.
If you can’t make it to Umeå, check out the Hard Steel clips on YouTube. They might be in Swedish, but comedy transcends language barriers! The videos could be found at the Rotten Soulz page at YouTube! (November 13)

On November 14, the first two episodes of the Hard Steel comedy by Rotten Soulz, will be showed at Folkets Bio in Haga, Umeå. The show starts at 14.00. To get more information, please visit Rotten Soulz’ home page or the Hard Steel page at MySpace!
Just as in the first episode, Zitter music could be heard in the second one; this time it is excerpts from Red House and God Of Wine.
To celebrate this great event, Zitter will be releasing a new sample from the Quintus disc. Make sure to check back later this week for more information! (November 8)

Welcome to the brand new home page of Zitter! A change of web hotels made it necessary to give the page a new look! Hopefully the navigation will be more transparent now when everything concerining one discs is on the same page. There is more to come in the future, so keep your eyes wide open! (September 29)

Hard Steel Episode one is the hilarious comedy 'bout the crazy n' irresistible wannabees Hard Steel. The DVD includes a lot of Zitter music: Alligator Highway, Sorry, Hero, Idiots n' the Sunny Day Holiday video!  And the brains behind n' in front of the cameras? Rotten Soulz! (September, 22)

The mixing console was burning hot while the the track Fast Train was getting a rough treatment. The mixing session looks quite promising this far, even if it takes time n' even some more time to explore all the new tools we have at our disposal this time. The rough beak n' roll mix of the Fast Train track was later to be heard at one very special train station (never ever miss looking out the window cause you'll never know what is to be seen on the other side!)  where the Zitter Vulture landed to shoot the first rolls of zeroes n' ones which will become the video of this  outstanding track. This is definitely something to look forward to! Some of the pics taken during this session is available on the Zitterpage (zitterswan) at MySpace!  (September, 14)

This weekend turned out to be one long kick off! First of all, the mixings of Quintus started.  It seems like this is going to be one smooth ride. Secondly, we are really developing the new tracks every time we play them. This looks good for the future! Thirdly, we did some shooting of pictures for a video. Strangely 'nuff , this video will be for a track from the Alligator Highway disc! Hopefully this autumn will be filled with new stuff coming out from the vulture nest!  (August, 30)

The vacation is over! Due to holiday trips, unforseen technical problems with the equipment and on top of that, an alarm system breaking down locking us out from the studio Vulture for a week's time, the mixing of Quintus has not started. SInce we have decided to transfer all the recorded tracks to a coputer this time, it will take some more time before the actual mixing can start. It will be an autumn project! We're certain this disc is well worth waiting for! Meanwhile, do regular checks here and on our page at MySpace. There will be interesting news popping up in the future! (August, 9)

The recordings of Quintus is finished! Our favourite singer Malin Hween helped us with vocals on two tracks. She is doing the break chorus on Alcohol and also vocal harmonies on a medium tempo rocker. This choir part is something Zitter never has done before. Now the time has come for the mixing process, which probably will take the summer months. (June, 24)

Video time! The brand new Zitter video Rotten Soulz is now up n’ running on YouTube! Mattias n‘ the Rotten Soulzboys have don a fantastic job with this video. Maybe it’s because the song is ‘bout ‘em!!! Warning! This clip is not for the fainthearted who gets scared when Tiger pops up in Winnie the Pooh stories! There are some pretty ugly, violent, nasty and scary faces, body parts and other non-describable things in the video. If you’ve got the guts needed, here is the link!!!! Sweet dreams! Not!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pop over to the Rotten Soulz boys, here’s the link to their page! (June, 13)

The last couple of weeks, the last lyrics have been written for the Quintus disc. Fred has even recorded the basic vocal tracks for one of the songs with new lyrics. The recording process is still going on at good speed in the vulture nest! (May, 15)

Antonio Augusto Cesar Junior of the radio station Tabajara FM 106,1 in Brazil has filled the radio archives with Alligator Highway n' The Vulture Punk N' Roll Machine. Feel free to write him a request of any of the songs from these two discs. The page is in Portuguese, but Antonio knows English so no need to worry! Here's the address! (April, 23)

During the first months of 2009, Zitter has made major progress when it comes to the recordings of Quintus. The final recording touches have been laid on several tracks. There are a few more songs to complete before it's time for the mixing session to begin, though. On the bright side, the preparations for the following disc has already begun! This should grant a much shorter period of time between Quintus and the still untitled disc. (April, 13)

One year ago, Zitter hit the stage at Chinateatern for a performance of Personal Hero during "En kväll för Cystisk Fibros" . In case you missed the performance, here is the live video shot! Check it out on YouTube!  (April, 2)

Time  for the Personal Hero stories. The disc was released when Zitter played at the Chinateatern during the benefit concert "En kväll för Cystisk Fibros" last year. Besides the title track, the re-recorded version of Personal Hero, the disc contains  Mr. High 5 and Little Princess. The stories can be found here! (March, 19)

Time for Zitter to enter the merchandizing biz! Get your own Zitter t-shirt, cap, pen, badge or magnet! The t-shirt is double printed and has the new Zitter motto on the front. If you've heard Fast Train, you know the motto, not very likely since it's only been played live in Eskilstuna once and a few hundred times in our rehearsal room! It will definitely be released when the Quintus disc is completed.  Get more info 'bout the stuff at the merch page, here! The Rotten Soulz stories can be found here! Don't miss  the Personal Hero + Jackass video on YouTube! (March, 7)

Time to publish the stories to the songs from the Rotten Soulz EP; i.e.  Rotten Soulz, Flux, Alligator Highway (Toothless Version) n’ I Won’t Change My Mind (Silent War Version). Just click on the "song stories"-button beside the lyrics. Get 'em here! Don't miss  the Personal Hero + Jackass video on YouTube! (February, 27)

Our friends in Rotten Soulz are really busy! This time ‘round they have used Personal Hero in a video with the crazy ackass gang. Check it out here on YouTube! February, 9)

Rotten Soulz, the new release is now available at MySpace and SoundClick. It is the title track of a 4-track EP also containing the new track Flux and special versions of Alligator Highway (Toothless Version) n’ I Won’t Change My Mind (Silent War Version). (January, 30)

Check out the facelift of the home page! Some updates in the lyrics and disc area. Check it out! (January, 7)

The final touches have been laid on the upcoming 4-track EP. It will be released in the near future, so make sure to get back so you don't miss this one out. Not only the music, but the artwork and pics as well. They are something special!

Have a great rocking 2009!  (January, 3)