NEWS 2008

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Congrats to William who knew the colour of the car in the Sunny Day Holiday video. Yes, blue as the blue in the pic below! Thanks for all replies! Better luck next time! (December, 18)

Thanks to everyone who showed up at the "Rock för de hemlösa" at Balsta musikslott yesterday! You turned it into quite a rocking night!

Here is the set list from the gig!

1. Intro
2. Fast Train
3. Alcohol
4. Tied The Rope
5. The Vulture Punk N' Roll Machine
6. Mr. High 5
7. I Won't Change My Mind
8. Red House
9. Sunny Day Holiday
10. Rotten Soulz
11. Nobody's Perfect 

 (December, 7)

Competition time!

If you've seen the Sunny Day Holiday video, you know there is a certain car involved in the plot. What colour is the car?
To participate, send an e-mail to Zitter!
The prize package includes a t-shirt, a cap and a badge! One winner takes it all! The competition ends on December 14!

The first ever Zitter video,  Sunny Day Holiday made by Rotten Soulz, is out on YouTube! (December, 6)

Here are the details concerning Rock för de Hemlösa at Balsta musikslott in Eskilstuna on December, 6! Ticket price: 50 kronor. Tickets are only sold at the door, which opens at 18.30.

18.30 Insläpp/The doors open.

1. Lejfan Records (E-tuna) ca 30 min
2. Something Behind (Sthlm) ca 45 min
3. Zitter (Sthlm) ca 45 min
4. Ashes Of Man (Flen) ca 60 min
5. Alison Blaire (Norrköping) ca 60 min
6. Euphoric (E-tuna) ca 60 min

We will be playing approximately 30 + minutes. On the set list are five ol' ones and five new ones. And there is the intro!  (November, 22)

We had to make it a rocking Sunday this weekend. Construction time again! Some sounds from one particular transportation system and from one little singer later, we had our new intro fixed. It will hopefully make the he pulse beat quicker n’ faster until the vulturestic beak n’ roll kicks the rest of the body into motion. 

The set list is ready as well. There will be a mix of new n’ old ones, in fact a 50/50-mix. (November, 17)

The preparations for the gig in E-tuna turned on the right track this week. The machines are in good shape and seems to understand what they are supposed to play on December 6. Just as the human machines. A new intro is in the making. (November, 9)

Rock För De Hemlösa (Rock for the Homeless), takes place at Balsta musikslott in Eskilstuna on December 6 between 19.00-00.30. All tickets are sold at the door, the ticket price is 50 kronor. All money goes to Eskilstuna Natthärbärge. See you there! (November, 2)

New gig! Zitter will be performing at Rock för de hemlösa in Eskilstuna on December 6. The show starts at 19.00.  There will be 5-6 bands on the bill. At this point, two more bands, Euphoric and Deap are confirmed.  Stay tuned for more information! (October, 19)

We've just added a new player with songs from The Vulture Punk N' Roll Machine. More oldies will be added  in the near future! (October, 2)

It's here! The first ever Zitter video. Our friends of Rotten Soulz made this video of Sunny Day Holiday look like no other could. It's fun, to say the least. Go check it out on YouTube! (September, 22)

ZItter Sunny Day Holiday

Time to let out some sound from the (for)ever ongoing recording process! This version of Alcohol is not quite finished, cause we are trying to make something out of that "cheer leader"-part. The special effect-voices should be replaced by a well known voice ... at least, that is what we hope to do. And the guitar licks have been doubled since this mix was done. Anyway, here it is, an appetizer. (September, 7)

Looking for sun? Looking for fun? Looking for danger? Looking for action? Yah, all right then it's time to grab that surfing board in your closet and head down to the beach. Or, if you're too far away for those great waves, just check out these great surfers riding the waves! And they are doing it (at least on the screen) to Hero, a tune by this band called Zitter. Many thanks goes out to our friend Craig of Superbank movies!

Here's the link to Surfing video 1 and here to surfing video 2. Enjoy! (August, 30)

The first ever video of a Zitter song is in the making! It's our good friends in Rotten Soulz who have the kindness to spend their valuable time on recording a video for Sunny Day Holiday! We shot some scenes ourselves a couple of weeks ago The top pics to the left is from that occasion. Last weekend Rotten Soulz shot their scenes. When the video will be released is not certain at this moment. 

To keep posted on the latest developments, make sure to visit Rotten Soulz at their home page! (August, 24)

All the recordings for the EP is done. The mixing of the tracks seems to go quite fine. The disc will include special versions of Alligator Highway n' I Won't Change My Mind. Then there is a new BG-tune entitled Flux. Plus, of course, the title track, which can't be revealed yet cause it's a very super special kind of track! Keep your eyes n' ears open!  (August, 3)

This weekend we dressed up. Not to kill, but maybe to thrill or just to ... well, that still has to remain a secret. Or not. That is, if you know who we've been working with over the past year, what this secret is all 'bout will not come as a surprise. As you might know, there is a brand new, special song written, recorded and waiting to be released. Lots of monster wishes from us to you!  (July, 6)

The recordings of the new discs continues. This week the bass, the solos and some melody lines and some back up vocals have been recorded.  (June, 22)

Facing some computer problems over the last couple of weeks, we took some time off the recordings. Instead we began working on new material, some songs that definitely will sound a bit different than an ordinary Zitter song.  That's something to look forward to after having looked forward to the release of the new disc! (June, 15)

The last month we have been putting all our efforts into the writing and recording of a very special song, a song we’ve actually been asked to write. The recordings have been going quite all right with this one, except that the computer screen went black one night and stopped us from making the last adjustments of the drums. The plan is to release this song as an EP together with some special versions of other songs, both new n’ old ones. If everything goes well, expect a summer release. So, keep your eyes and ears wide open! (May, 29)

Thanks for all support in the Tele2Studio competition! Much appreciated! (May, 25)

Time to active that "voting-finger"! Personal Hero has qualified for the Tele2Studio competition.  To vote for Personal Hero, just click the button with the text "Rösta".

In case you'd like to have Personal Hero as a mobile phone signal, you can get it from that page as well. The signal is 30 seconds of the last refrain.  (May, 13)

Our friend Pysen took a few photographs at the "En kväll för Cystisk Fibros" gala.  Enjoy! (May, 5)

And the winners of the Personal Hero single are ... Mattias, Stefan n' Matte! Congratulations! They all knew that the original version of Personal Hero can be found on the Happy Fools' Parade-disc. 

Thanks for all the answers! There will be some more competitions this anniversary year, so keep your eyes open wide. (April, 14)

The 2008 re-recording of Personal Hero with Malin Hween is now released on MySpace, AllEars and iSound. The easiest way to listen to this re-recording is to push play on the player further down on this side. Don't miss the competition where you have the chance to get yourself a copy of the first ever single release from Zitter. It was supposed to include one more new track, but since the recordings turned out as smooth as they did, we could put yet another track on the disc. The new ones are entitled Mr. High 5 and Little Princess. Enjoy the listening of Personal Hero '08!  (April, 6)

"En kväll för Cystisk Fibros" turned into one long, special night. We would like to take the opportunity to send out a huge thank you to everybody who kicked this night into fantastico mode! The people in CF Stockholm, all support n' help from PA Kompaniet, the nice n' cool artists talking some nervousness out of our systems before we hit the stage and the audience who seemed to scream their lungs out and clap their hands like maniacs after each act. And of course, our very super-special thank you to Malin Hween, who made our performance of Personal Hero a hell lot of more than we could have done on our own. (April, 1)

Win the exclusive Personal Hero single and some surprise prizes! The first ever Zitter single is a re-recording of Personal Hero and a previously unreleased new super track!
On which disc can the original version of Personal Hero be found?
Send in your answer and your name n' address before April 13.  The winners will be drawn on April 14.
The answer can be found somewhere on this home page.
Good Luck! (March, 23)

Two weeks left before it's time for Zitter to hit the stage and perform Personal Hero during the "En kväll för Cystisk fibros"-show. The ticket sales goes swell, so good indeed that there are hard to get tickets för the seats in the stall. Still there's tickets to get on the balcony. (March, 16)

There has come new energy into the recordings of the new disc. During this week, BG finished the recordings of the clean parts and recorded a few solos and melody lines. (March, 9)

The recordings of the new disc is still going on ... Yesterday we managed to finish the recordings of synths and keyboards.  One down, still one hundred more to go! (March, 2)

Yesterday we did our first practice with Malin Hween, who has promised to help us with the back up vocals on the charity show "En kväll för Cystisk fibros".

Malins wonderful voice really adds a special flavour to the new version of Personal Hero. With Malin behind the microphone stand our performance will definitely take us above our ordinary level.

Malin used to sing in Dipstone, who sealed a contract with an Australian company and did some shows there last year before they called it a day. Check out more about Dipstone at their site that's still up n' running. Now she's playing with a cover band (I refuse to say what band they are doing covers of) and some studio jobs. (February, 15)

The song we're supposed to play at the CF-show, Personal Hero, is now available here through our media player at The music is the same as on the Happy Fool's Parade demo. The vocals were re-recorded this fall though. And the mix is new as well. But that version ain't around no more, since we've done some  re-arrangements to make the song a lil' rockier. The new version is supposed to be recorded as well. If it'll make it to the next disc is still something to think a second or third time 'bout. But no need to think about listening to the old version twice?! Check it out below!

The show at Chinateatern starts at 7.30 PM and Zitter enters the stage as the second act. Then there will be Magnus Carlsson (Barbados and Alcazar) , Jessica Folcker, Ainbusk Singers and more great artists, turning this night into something special. 

Get your tickets for " En kväll för Cystisk Fibros" at Ticnet. (February, 3)

Today the wellknown Swedish singer Magnus Carlsson (Barbados and Alcazar) accepted to sing on the charity show. The show is going on for two hours (the break is not included). Zitter will enter the stage as the second act. Zitter will be assisted by a third person on stage, more about that next week.

Get your tickets for En kväll för Cystisk Fibros  at Ticnet. (January, 31)

The latest Zitter release, Hero, is the soundtrack to the latest surf video from Superbank Movies. This time around, our friend Craig has put together really breathtaking stunts on the waves at Greenmount Beach. The title is Clean Pumping Waves N Tubes. Check out for yourself here! Here's the link!

Don't forget the charity show, En kväll för Cystisk fibros, at Chinateatern, Stockholm on March, 31, where Zitter, will perform Personal Hero. The headlining acts are Ainbusk Singers and Jessica Folcker plus some other known Swedish artists. The tickets are already on sale at Ticnet. (January, 22)

Believe it or not, but 2008 is a year of celebration in the Zitter camp. Ten (10!) years ago Fred Z and B Gustaf decided to rig up the recording gear under the name "Zitter". The first result was Swansong 11 (2000), followed by Happy Fools' Parade (2002), Alligator Highway (2003) and The Vulture Punk N' Roll Machine (2006). This far Zitter has only been a demo recording band. Not a live act. At one point it was close Zitter entered the stage. The band was picked to perform some songs together with other bands on a charity concert for Médecins Sans Frontières. The gig got postponed, so still no signs of Zitter on any stage.

Until now that is! Since it is a year of celebration, Zitter has decided to climb on a stage for the very first time. And yes, the cause is another charity show. This time around, the show is held to raise money to support the research around the disease Cystic fibrosis (CF), a hereditary disease concerning the lungs and the digestive systems. The show, called En kväll för Cystisk fibros, is held at Chinateatern, Stockholm on March, 31. The headlining acts are Ainbusk Singers and Jessica Folcker. There are some more known Swedish artists and then … Zitter, who will perform Personal Hero.

Hope to see you there! The tickets are already on sale at Ticnet. (January, 16)