NEWS 2007

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The latest release from The Vulture disc is the kind of mellow song  Hero. You can pick it up at our MySpace page (zitterswan) or at AllEars. Enjoy! That would be all for the 2007! Make sure to pop by during 2008 cause there are some great things coming up!  

Merry X-mas & a happy new '08! (December, 24)

Craig and Superbank Movies has relocated their super cool surfing videos to Go211, a site with world champion surfers and other fab n' cool surfing dudes and dudettes. All Superbank Movies has therefore been deleted from YouTube. The great thing is that Red House is the music for the very first Superbank surfing video at Go211! Check it out here! (December, 10)

Get ready to be a surfing fool by clicking on this link! It'll will take you to the new astonishing surfing video by Craig and Superbank Movies. This time the surfing stunts are being performed outside the coast of South Africa. The title of the clip is "SUPERBANK MOVIES 3/12 SHAUN TOMSON - SOUTH AFRICA - MID 70's". And the music is a Zitter oldie; Happy Fools. Enjoy! Here's the link! (December, 7)

In case you've missed it, the Zitter songs Sunny Day Holiday and Monster Of My Mind is featured in the fab horror-comedy Så länge jag andas (As Long As I Breathe). There is (crazy) English sub-titles this time 'round.  Get in touch with Rotten Soulz for more info! Here's the link! (November, 27)

Lets go inside  the Red House and see how Snapper Rocks Today. The action taking place in this surfing video might be a few days old now, but Craig from Superbank Movies has really caught some astonishing pics of what goes on down their in the surfin paradise of Australia. Pop over to YouTube and have a look. (November, 17)

If you've been scared or struck by the winter monster, there is a cure! Our Australian friend Craig from Superbank Movies has done a super cool surfing video, which will make you feel a lot better! And it's not because Antiseptic is used in the video. So lets dream away some winter madness by watching the video "9/11 NICE TO BE BACK @ D'BAH 2DAY"at YouTube. (November, 11)

Nevermind, the last release from The Vulture Punk N' Roll Machine is now available at iSound. You can listen to it right here, right now, using our isound-player. (October, 31)

Make sure not to miss any Zitter blogs at MySpace! Check in at zitterswan @ MySpace

Sunny Day Holiday is featured in the brand new Rotten Soulz movie Så länge jag andas (As Long As I Breathe).  To get all information about Rotten Soulz, please visit their new home page! (Only in Swedish.) (October, 13)

Sunny Day Holiday is featured in the brand new movie Så länge jag andas (As Long As I Breathe) by the amazing independent Rotten Soulz.  If you happen to be in Umeå this Saturday, i.e. October 6, you could and should attend the world premiere of the movie! It takes place at Folkets Bio at Haga at 15.00 (3 P.M.).

To get all information about Rotten Soulz, please visit their new home page! (Only in Swedish.) (October, 2)

We surprised ourselves last time we worked on the new disc. Fred had a vague idea about a string arrangement on a track called "Silent Paintings Speak". Half an hour later he had made the arrangement, picked the sound and recorded it. That's not the way it should be! We're not a spontaneous band. Normally, when we have worked out a melody line, programmed it and picked out the sound we like at the moment, we play and listen to it a lot before putting it on tape. Having done enough adjustments and fine-tunings, the first idea might have turned into something completely different. That's how we usually work. Or should it be worked? Letting go of some control and letting in some spontaneity might ad a new flavour to our vulture machine music. (September, 15)

The last couple of weeks, we've been recording some background tracks for the next disc. Some lined guitars (raw electric ones and smooth clean ones), a lil' synth pad here and there and some percussion stuff. As always, some new exciting changes are being introduced in the recording process. What's it gonna be this time? It wouldn't be a surprise if we revealed it now, would it? (August, 23)

Don't miss Black Velvet Magazine # 53, with a review of The Vulture Punk N' Roll Machine -disc! Get it here! (August, 12)

Today we spent the entire day in our rehearsal spot without playing a single note. Instead, we re-organized our gear, brought in some new furniture and made the tiny space feel a bit less claustrophobic. The main reason of the operation was to get a better organized recording zone. With that done we can't sit on our sweet behinds, doing nothing but having too many cups of tea and even mo cookies and chocolate bars. Time to kick the recording-wheels into motion! Have a great summer(July, 21)

Nothing much has happened in the Zitter camp the last couple of months. The number of rehearsals are easily counted. Two brand new songs have been written and played. The good thing is that we got some inspiration some fortnight ago when we went to the Peace & Love festival to see the new Alice Cooper show. The man still knows how to rock! Anyway, we have taking up our recordings again and will see how things will work out in the future. Have a great summer! (July, 11)

Silence is overrated! That's why we've added a player so you have something to listen while visiting our site. Enjoy! (June, 1)

A new review of The Vulture disc could be found n' read in Ox-Fanzine # 71. No time to waste! Grab that German dictionary and pop over at once! (May, 1)

Sometimes you would like to have five more lines in the verse to be able to get the message intelligible, presented the clearest way possible. With the limited number of lines you need to say as much as possible in so few words as possible. Then there are the melodies. When you thought you had managed to squeeze the message into a manageable and comprehendible form, Fred starts complaining that the number of syllables in the lyrics doesn't match the number of syllables he uses when he sings his improvised lines. Or, that the sound of some words doesn't fit the melody or doesn't have the right feeling attached to them. Or, that some words are impossible to pronounce! Well, at least when they are to be sung. (April, 7)

We're about finishing the work with the lyrics for our new songs. It is always a painstaking process. First of all you need to work out the melody-lines for the vocals. With that done it's time to decide what the lyrics should be all about. The mood of the song is a good staring point. When you have the melodies and an idea what the song is gonna be about, the worst part is still to come; the search for the suitable words. We find ourselves in a neverending struggle with the words. (March, 27)

A new review of The Vulture Punk N' Roll Machine disc! You'll have to hit the streets to get it since it's published in Bubblegum Slut Fanzine # 26. Or you could just stretch out your legs and order it from their home page. Just click here! The issue does also include articles on L.A. Guns, Angie Bowie and The Throbs. (March, 20)

Pop over to Glitzine and (in German) and read two reviews of The Vulture Punk N' Roll Machin disc! When you have found out what they believe to be the ups and the downs of the disc, you could always create your own opinion by listen to some of the tracks at AllEars, MySpace (/zitterswan), SoundClick or Voolife. (March, 4)

Move over to myspace/zitterswan or SoundClick and listen to the title track, The Vulture Punk N' Roll Machine! This is our way of saying thank you to some of our major influences over the years. Enjoy! (February, 22)

There are major changes going on over at Voolife. It looks like the music side ain't going to be around the same way any longer. What it will look like in the future is still to be seen.  So if you want to get yourself some songs from the Alligator Highway disc, don't hesitate! Take the chance before it's too late!  Pop over to Voolife now! (February, 10)

The number of Zitter songs on the stations on Voolife is now … 9! On the black hard rock channel you'll find Charlie's Inn, The Change, Monster of My Mind, Nobody's Perfect and Sorry. On the blue rock channel you'll find Antiseptic, Sunny Day Holiday, The Vulture Punk N' Roll Machine and Tied the Rope. So pop over immediately and listen to great rock and hard rock music! (February, 2)

Check out the cool horror comedy I Död Och Lust (Through Death And Lust)! It is a very creepy story brought to life with the help of scary monsters and chilling effects. Goose bumps turned on! As if that ain't enuff. Between the horror scenes there is hilarious scenes making you laugh your sweet behind off! Or to be more correct, making you laugh like a maniac! Don't look at it on your own!
Another reason to check this movie out is the three Zitter songs included. Red House, My Immortal Adversary and God Of Wine can all be heard in the film or in the extra material. 
Please visit Rotten Soulz for more information 'bout this cool movie! (January, 15)

Red House is now rotating on the Hard Rock/Rock station at! Tune in right here, right now! 
Unfortunately there has been some problem with the server for the couple of days, making it difficult to connect to this page. Hopefully the problem is fixed once and for all now. (January, 4)

Pop over and say hello to Zitter at MySpace! We have just created an account over there so at this moment there ain't too much action going on our side, but that should change in the future. Two songs are available, Monster Of My Mind and Tied the Rope, to listen to and comment. Two more will follow soon. So, see you over at MySpace! (January, 2)