NEWS 2006

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Merry X-mas & happy new 2007! What better way to celebrate the holidays than to release a new track from The Vulture disc! The 4th release has the title I Won't Change My Mind and is an anti-war song. Go over and listen to the track at AllEars or at Voolife. (December, 24)

The Change is the pick ot the day at Voolife. Go over, listen, rate and write a comment! (December, 2 3)

Monster Of My mind  is now up n' running at Please  listen to the track and decide how many stars the song is worth! (December, 18)

There are now five Zitter-trax on the Black radio station at Voolife. Tune in and get some hard n' heavy rock n' metal music.  The Zitter-trax included: Nobody's Perfect, Charlie's Inn, Sorry, The Change and Monster Of My Mind. Please support Tied The Rope in the Sing a long competition over at Just listen to the trax and decide how many stars the song is worth. (December, 3)

Zitter is now featured on Monster Of My Mind and Tied The Rope is now available at Listen, rate and buy the trax! Please support Tied The Rope in the Sing a long competition over at (November, 23)

Please support Tied The Rope in the Sing a long competition over at The competition is only running at there Swedish page, so here's how to vote: Click on Demo in the navigation bar to the right. You'll find the Sing a long competition at the top of the page. Click on Visa fler (=show more) to get the list of the participation songs. Scroll down 'till you find Tied the Rope. If it ain't on the first page, just click on Nästa (=next). You need to listen to the song to be able to cast your vote.  Click on the small speaker at the song title and the title should now be running in he cassette window to the right. Rate the song be highlighting and clicking on as many stars as you think it deserves. Thanx!  (November, 6)

Red House is now on rotation on the official Hard Rock/Rock Radio Station at isound. Make sure you tune in to this station whenever you're in need of a doze of great rock n' roll. Just click here and you've tuned in to this super station!  (November, 1)

The title track from the Vulture disc has been released! The full title is The Vulture Punk N' Roll Machine! Lyrically, this song is a tribute song to a handful of our favourite bands from the 80's. Check out the lyrics and you'll find out how it's a tribute song. And don't forget to listen to it over at Voolife.  (October 26)

The second song from The Vulture disc is now available at Voolife. The title is Tied The Rope, a typical punk n' roll song with a not so happy lyrical content. Check it out for yourself at Voolife.  (October 7)

Thanks for all feedback on Monster Of My Mind! If you still haven't heard it, please visit  Voolife, isound or SoundClick.  (September, 18)

Monster Of My Mindis now up n' running at some more sites. Please visit SoundClick and let the Monster climb the charts and scar the rest of world. You could also pop over to isound or Sonic Garden. At these sites you'll find the 192 version. Just click on the names and you'll be there. To get the 320 version, please visit Voolife.  (September, 4)

Have you got a Monster on your mind? Well, if not, you better check out the first single from the the Vulture-disc; Monster Of My Mind. Tune in to Voolife and make up your mind 'bout this Monster. Scary? Boohoo! (August, 26)

While still having some hard times picking out the first single from the Vulture disc, we took a look in the rear-mirror and wrote down a few comments on three songs from the Happy Fools' Parade disc. The song stories to Personal Hero, Sometimes ... God ... and Forgotten Hero can be found on the Lyrics page. (August, 14)

Sunny Day Holiday is now featured on Voolifes Blue channel, i.e. the rock orientated channel. Nobody's Perfect, Charlie's Inn and Sorry can be found on the Black channel. You don't have to be a member to listen to the Voolife radio anymore. So pop over to Voolife and tune in to some great Internet radio! Just click here!  (July, 29)

The re-work on the Vulture disc has been going pretty decent resently. If no more unexpected and unwanted problems appear, there will be at least one new song available on the Internet this early fall, i.e. a month with the letter "s". We are still discussing which song it will be, so keep your eyes and ears open. (July, 13)

Some more refinements on the home page this week. (July, 5)

Some minor changes has been made on some pages, mainly concerning song stories.  (June, 30)

Zitter spent the last Saturday at Sweden Rock Festival. There's really only one reason why we'd put up with staying under a burning sun an entire day: Alice! The king of shock rock put up an incredible strong show as usual. Fred claims this was his tenth Alice show! So, we left this festival with happy faces and a vitalizing injection of inspiration. We felt that was just what we needed  since we're in the middle of putting some more feathers on the Vulture machine.  (June, 16)

The re-work on the  drums for the Vulture disc is now completed. Once again!  But this should be the last time. The result is more vivid sounding drums. With that done, we are now preparing ourselves mentally for a new re-mix session.  It feels like a now or never-situation. So it better work out this time. (June, 3)

The drums on the Vulture disc has been getting some attention. The reason is simple: now it's really about time to get a good sounding mix of the disc. The work on the drums has been promising, which has put us in a positive mood once again. That feels good.  (May, 21)

There has been some activity in the Zitter camp the last couple of weeks. Not much, but we have spent some time together in our new practice room. At least, that's a start.  (May, 1)

If you want to know a few things about Love You To Death, all you have to do is to go the lyric section for Happy Fools' Parade. Have a great Easter!  (April, 14)

It has taking us some time to get the gear running in our new practicing room, but now the stuff has been organized and the punk n' roll machine is slowly getting out of its coma.  (April, 5)

Our inactivity the last couple of months is due to a change of address and atmosphere. Yes, we're moving to get some new inspiration and make future punk n' roll rides possible.  Rock on! (March, 18)

From the vault: a few words 'bout  Personal Hero from the old disc Happy Fools' Parade. You'll find it on the lyrics page. (March, 1)

To still your hunger to hear what The Vulture Punk N' Roll Machine sounds like, we've decided to post short clips of Side By Side, What Doesn't Kill You and I Won't Change My Mind. The clips are from the last mix we made, which will not be the final mix of the songs. Just click here to listen to the clips! Don't hesitate to give us some feedback! (February, 12)

Check out the first three song stories from the Happy Fools' Parade disc! The songs covered are Happy Fools, King in Town and Soulless Man. (February, 7)

2005 was a year with Zitter ups & downs. Nobody's Perfect getting on the Cowabunga DVD was definitely among the ups. The feedback we got from various internet radio stations around the world made us feel really good! Another thing that went smoothly was the recording of the yet unreleased new disc. The second half of 2005 was a struggle with this The Punk Roll N' machine, a machine that ran out of gas. We intend to get the motor running A.S.A.P., but who knows what more parts of the machine needs to get adjusted? As crazy as it might seem, we have already begun the recordings of more material. As it sounds right now, we are speeding down the Punk N' Roll Highway as good as ever. At yet, at the same time we are exploring some heavier slip roads. Maybe we'll end up in the ditch?

Thanks to all our fans around the globe for keeping this Punk N' Roll machine rollin'!  (January, 22)