NEWS 2005

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Merry X-mas n' a happy new year! See you in 2006! (December, 23)

It seems like we're gonna keep a low profile for a while. If you want to hear the songs from the Alligator Highway disc you could pop over to Voolife (formerly known as Demoradio). Just type in "Zitter" in the sök (=search) box. (November, 28)

Some new unexpected trouble with the final mix of The Vulture disc appeared, which unfortunately will keep it on ice for some more time. As if that ain't 'nuff, Fred has been walking around with a soar throat for almost a months time now. But the trouble can't last forever ... at least that's what we hope. November, 13

Three old tracks have been uploaded at Demoradio:  Antiseptic, Idiots and Suny Day Holiday.  (October, 24

The Vulture Punk N' Roll Machine is almost ready to try its wings! The title track is a tribute song to quite a few of our favourite bands. You'll figure out how it is a tribute song when you hear the lyrics. Among the other tracks on the disc you'll find Monster Of My Mind, It Was, Wasn't It, Side By Side, My Immortal Adversary, Tied The Rope and I won't Change My Mind.

While waiting for the first track to be released, you could pop by the pic page to find some new Zitter pics. (October, 9)

Some songs needed to get a third meeting with the surgical mixing scalpel. With that done, the mastering process got started and did actually go quite well. At least this far ... But there remains a few minor adjustments before the songs could be considered well dress and well looking. Maybe even well sounding? 

So while waiting for this to be done, check out what has changed on the rest of the pages here. Rock hard! (September, 27)

The guitar and bass tabs to Sunny Day Holiday is now on-line. Never hesitate to send us an e-mail if you want the tabs to any Zitter song. We put it up A.S.A.P.

The covers to the new disc is almost completed. You'll see it as soon as the master process of the songs is finished. Unfortunately, that might take us some more time. (September, 15)

We're just about to finish the second mix of the new disc. The reason why we're doing a second mix,  is simply the fact that we were not completely satisfied with the first result. The guitars had to be sharpened, the vocals needed some adjustments, the bass was in need of some more of that bouncing fuel ... 

While waiting for us to take the new mix to the mastering machine you could go to the lyric page and read the comments 'bout the Alligator Highway disc. (August, 28)

All songs have now been mixed. You can see the result in the form of a DAT-tape in the pic, but will have to wait some more time before any audio sounds will be flying over the savanna, ready to hit your ears. Now we'll take some time to see how pleased we are with these mixes. Then all that remains is the mastering and letting you know what bird we've had on our minds this past year. We're sure it knows how to rock! 

Enjoy what's left of this summer!  (August, 9)

The mixing of the new disc goes on and on. Pretty well actually. Some new machinery and a new approach to the mixing business has made it a nice and easy journey this far. The following tracks will definitely be included: It Was, Wasn't It?, Side by Side, Monster of My Mind, Tied the Rope, I Won't Change My Mind. And then there is the title track ... 

Enjoy the summer!  (July, 31)

There it was! The final note has been recorded for the upcoming disc. Now we'll take a moment to breathe before we start the mixing process and everything else that has to be done before it is time to release the first song. Expect an early fall release. 

One reason for taking us this long to finish the recordings is that we already have begun working on new songs. Crazy as it might sound! Our hope and goal is to make things faster next time around. 

Have a great summer!  (July, 12)

Three more songs from Alligator Highway are up at Demoradio. The songs are The Change, Alligator Highway and Naked. Thats 'bout it. Now you can create your own copy of Alligator Highway be download the free tracks available at SoundClick and get the rest at Demoradio. 

Pop over to Seven Films and order your copy of Cowabunga Extravaganza right away!

Have a great summer! (June, 23)

If you're into surfing, you definitely should check out the Seven Films production Cowabunga Extravaganza. This DVD is jammed with cool surfing clips and ... extracts from Nobody's Perfect is included on the DVD. Pop over to Seven Films and order your copy right away!

Have a great summer! (June, 5)

A few new recording pics for your pleasure. 

If you're into surfing and a Zitter fan, there will be a nice surprise for you this summer ... 

Don't miss the opportunity to listen to Charlie's Inn and other songs at  Keep your eyes open, cause there will be more songs from Alligator Highway there soon. (May, 31)

The recordings are going kinda smoothly. What's left is some vocal tracks and some minor geetar and keyboard things to add some flavour to the tracks. The mixing will be done during the summer, so expect an early fall release of the first track from the new disc. The title? Well, there might be a clue in the pic on the welcome page ...  

Charlie's Inn is now rotating on the Black Station at  (May, 14)

Charlie's Inn is now rotating on the Black Station at You can also listen to/and or buy some other songs from the Alligator Highway disc which is previously not released on the web. You need to be a member to listen to the stations, but the membership is free. All support is much appreciated! Rock on! (May, 7)

Due to some personal matters we're still trying to cope with, the recording of the new disc has been delayed. The break has lasted for several weeks, but now it looks like we're about to push that recording button once again. Check back later to get more information.

Now you can get Charlie's Inn, Sorry and Nobody's Perfect at Feel free to support Zitter by vote and review our music at That means a lot to us! Rock on!  (April, 26)

If you already have downloaded Sunny Day, Red House, Antiseptic and Idiots, why not get some more of the songs from Alligator Highwayas as well? Now you can get Charlie's Inn, Sorry and Nobody's Perfect at The price depends  on what option you choose. Unfortunately this page is only in Swedish and you have to become a member (membership is free!) to buy the songs. We'll probably upload the rest of the Alligator songs as well in the near future. Feel free to support Zitter by vote and review our music at That means a lot to us! Rock on!  (April, 16)

Make sure to tune in to Blue Room Radio on Friday this week! Why? Cause it's a great station! And since there will be some Zitter music as well, then and in the future. Get all information here! (April, 7)

Idiots is now featured on Peeping's Tomb, live radio station. Tune in and listen to the station! (March, 24)

Sad news... The gig in Eskilstuna has been cancelled. (March, 19)

Very soon some of the songs from Alligator Highway will be on No surprises though, since the available tracks will be Red House, Idiots and Sunny Day Holiday.

Don't forget March 25! Zitter live in Eskilstuna!

Meanwhile there are 4 new recording pics at the top of this page. (March, 6)

At last! The first Zitter live performance is here! It takes place on March 25 in Eskilstuna at the Stadsteatern. This is an show in benefit for Médecins Sans Frontières (Läkare utan gränser). It feels good to do this gig since it is for a good purpose. 

We'll be playing some songs from the Alligator Highway disc and some from the up coming disc. Please check back later to get information about the time and more. And never forget: Respect thy sister n' brother! (February 21)

Time for a face lift of the home page while waiting for the new disc to be completed... 

And be sure to check back next weekend, cause then we'll have something really great to announce! (February 12)

Time for some pics showing how some of the percussions on the new disc was recorded today! 

There are also new song stories up. The comments this time is 'bout Naked, Nobody's Perfect, Sorry and Believer. (February 5)

Soon Sunny Day Holiday will be featured at Yeah Media where you can vote for the song. Check out their page! (January 27)

Happy New Year! 2004 ended great with Sunny day Holiday steady on # 2 on the Classic Rock Chart at SoundClick. Last year was a good one with a lot of great reviews of Alligator Highway and good feedback on the songs released on the web. The song writing for the new disc went well, but the recordings have been taking us more time then we expected. This is due to a lot of reasons, i.e. more tracks to record on, some new ideas on how to record and late last year Fred came in with a couple of new songs we felt we really had to record for this disc. So expect the release of the new disc some time during the spring. And please check back later, cause there will some more interesting things in the Zitter camp during 2005! (January 3)