NEWS 2004

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Read the Zitter interview in the December issue of Space Junkies Magazine! There are only a few  days left of December, so if you haven't read the interview done by Wednesday Electra for Space Junkies Magazine, the time has come to do it! The interview will not be archived on-line. To Space Junkies Magazine!

Two new recording pics are up to the left. 

Merry X-mas n' a Happy New Year! (December 23)

Zitter interviewed by Space Junkies Magazine! For the December issue of Space Junkies Mag, Wednesday Elektra has done an interview with Zitter. The interview will only be on-line during December so read it right away! There are a number of questions, dealing with the past, the present and the future. To Space Junkies Magazine!(December 5)

Nobody's Perfect featured on Radio Now! Volume 2! A re-mastered version of Nobody's Perfect is now available on the new compilation disc from 3000 Records, entitled Radio Now! Volume 2. You could win the disc at the 3000 Records' home page. All you have to do to participate in the competition is to send an e-mail to 3000 Records. Visit the 3000Records' home page for all information. (November, 25)

Some more recording pics this week. (November, 15)

The first pics from the recordings of the new disc are up! Just click on the mini-pics and you'll see the full picture. As you see, really ugly pics could show up here! (November, 3)

New Song Stories added on the Lyrics page! Some comments on the songs Antiseptic, The Change and Charlie's Inn can now be found on the Lyrics Page. Just click on the Song Story button besides the titles and the story will pop up in a new window. To the Lyrics page! (October 24)

New information on the Lyrics page! Starting now, a song story will be added to each song from our three discs. Just click on the Song Story button besides the titles and the story will pop up in a new window. The first stories out is Alligator Highway, Idiots, Red House and Sunny Day Holiday. (October 7)

This week Idiots is featured as the Distant Words pick of the week on Hidden Radio! Please tune in to Hidden Radio right here!

Sunny Day Holiday has hold the # 2 position on the Classic rock charts at SoundClick the last couple of  weeks and it jumped up to # 15 on the Rock chart this Thursday. Thanks for all support! Here's the link to our SoundClick page. (September, 25)

Sunny Day Holiday has once again peaked at # 20 on the Soundclick Rock charts and has steadily hold the # 2 position on the Classic rock charts for about a week. Thanks for all support! Here's the link to our SoundClick page. (September, 13)

The recording of the new disc has begun. The title will be released later, but it will probably have some references to one particular bird. At this point we have worked with 15-20 songs, but it’s too early to say which ones will make it on the disc. Now we’re working with 24 tracks instead with 16, which gives more creative opportunities and possibilities. Yet the sound will remain the same, even if some surprises might pop up. So check back later to get more information ‘bout the recording sessions and to see some pics taken as the pieces are put right in place! (September, 5)

Tune in to Radio Free Tunes and listen to some of the best rock music on the indie scene today! Sunny Day Holiday included in the playlist. Tune in here! (August 19)

New review of Alligator Highway! Brian Rademacher of Sleaze Metal “enjoyed listening to the whole cd” with the “vocals done excellently” and thought Red House was one of the best tracks. Read the full review here! (August 15)

The easiest way to get your copy of Alligator Highway is to order it from Rockar Hårt, the best record store in Stockholm. Just click on "Demos" on their site and you'll find the Alligator Highway disc there. Or  visit their stores at Hornsgatan 63 or Ringvägen 110. The price of the disc is 40 SEK. Visit Rockar Hårt on-line here! (August, 3)

New tabs! This time 'round the guitar and the bass tabs to Idiots have been added to the Tab page.  Go and get 'em here! (July 30) 

New Page! If you want to have the tab to any Zitter song, just drop an intergalactic line to our e-mail address and it will come as soon as possible. First out is the guitar tab to Monday. Go and get it here! (July 17) 

New Review of Alligator Highway! According to Odd Marwin Nilsen in RockBottom Zine, who finds the disc "very good", the music  is "very good punk /.../ very light-hearted and very easy on your ears". He also mentions the melodies of the songs. To get a copy of this printed zine, just go to their home page and order your own copy. It's free! To RockBottom Zine! (July 1)

Sunny Day Holiday has, this far, peaked at # 20 at the Rock General charts and at # 2 at the Classic Rock charts at  SoundClick. Thanks for the support! (May 31)

New Release! Sunny Day Holiday is the latest release from Alligator Highway. It is a short classic hardrock song, dealing with the fun summer activities. Yes, a holiday anthem for 2004! You'll find it here at SoundClick. (May 17)

Last chance to download all the tracks from Swansong 11 and Happy Fools' Parade for free at Vitaminic! This offer is valid to Wednesday next week. And you know you'll find the album covers at our pic page? So, could it be any easier to get the two first discs for free? (May 6)

Antiseptic was # 2 on the Classic Rock charts at SoundClick on April 18-21, 26, May 1-3 and peaked at # 15 on the Rock General charts on May 3. Thanks for all support! (May, 4)

Wednesday Elektra from Space Junkies Magazine has written an awesome review of Alligator Highway and gives the disc 10+/10! How good is that?! She seems to like just everything about it and ends the review by calling it an "unbelievable album". You can read parts of the review on our Review page or read the full review at Space Junkies Magazine. Since they have a limited space on their server, the review will only be up n' running throughout May, so you better go there right away! You'll find the review on their menu under Reviews. (April 27)

Antiseptic was # 2 on the Classic Rock charts at SoundClick April 18-21 and peaked at # 19 on the Rock General charts on April 18. Thanks for all support! (April 25)

The Rock Harder radio show played Naked from Alligator Highway April 4. Feel free to write the station and ask for more Zitter music! They like getting mails from listeners! Here's the link to Rock Harder.

Now you can rate Idiots and Antiseptic at demoteket. (April 18)

New Release! Antiseptic is the third release from Alligator Highway. It will let you know what happened to Joseph after he got caught by the cops in King in Town. Sweet Mary and Caitlin do their best to make him feel comfortable, but does Joseph appreciate their treatment?

If you missed the Rock Harder radio show on the air April 4, you should go to their home page and listen to it since they played Naked from Alligator Highway. This song will probably not be released at any of the OMDs, so here's your chance to hear it before you get your hands of a copy of Alligator Highway. Here's the link to Rock Harder.

This far Idiots has peaked at # 18 on the Rock and on # 2 on the Classic Rock Charts at SoundClick
Now you can rate Idiots at demoteket. (April 5)

This far Idiots has peaked at # 18 on the Rock and on # 3 on the Classic Rock Charts at SoundClick. The feedback on the song has been great. The subject and lyrics have created a little buzz. Thanks for all support and keep the comments on Idiots coming! Now you can rate Idiots at demoteket.

Check out the Charts page for some more updated info on how the Zitter songs are doing on the different OMDs where Zitter is featured.(March 21)

Sunday March 7, Red House was played on the Stockholm based radiostation If you missed the opportunity to surf with Red House on the radio waves, you could listen through the computer by going to (March 7)

NEW RELEASE! The second release from Alligator Highway, Idiots,  is now available on-line. This catchy punk n’ roller is a critical view on people trying the easy way to fame by participating in reality soap operas. Humiliation T.V.! Check it out immediately at SoundClick, Besonic, IUMA or All feedback is much appreciated!

One other thing to check out is the review of Alligator Highway by Shari in Black Velvet Magazine # 39. The disc is said to “have quite an interesting sound – it’s rock with a hint of glam and a hint of punk – but done in a crazy, off-the-wall way that makes them [Zitter] seem not quite all there”. Shari is sure the Zitter “fans will love it”. And we sure hope she is right! To get yourself a copy of this great printed zine just go here!

Mark Hughson in New Wave Zine says “Zitter have the raw materials and potential to be commercially successful”. He thinks [t]he vocals are from that Metallica-type family, but not as creepy or annoying” and that the guitar licks "could start a brush fire if played loud enough”. Hughson also says Red House “is part ‘raise you devil horns’ and part ‘boogie down classic rock’”. Read the full review here! (February, 26)

Mikael Mjörnberg from Joyzine has a lot of good things to say about Alligator Highway (in Swedish).The disc contains “[h]urtiga rockstänkare med vällimmade riff blandas med småmysiga ballader”. The first songs on the disc has a lot of energy, according to Mjörnberg.The review ends with these encouraging words: ”Det är inget tvivel om att det är skickliga spelemän och att de hamnat inom rätt genre. Spelglädjen tycks vara total.” Read the full review here!

Teddy Jonasson from Level 11 thinks Zitter “have potential and could be very good”. He consider Red House, Antiseptic and Nobody’s Perfect to be the best songs on Alligator Highway.Read the full review here! (February 8)

Zitter featured on! To get high rotation on the station we need your support. To listen to the station and vote for Red House you need to register, but it's for free (and this far, the page is only in Swedish). Just drop us an e-amil if you wonder about something or go there right away! (January 26)

You'll also find a good review of the disc at Sleazegrinder, where the musical style is discussed and Zitter is compared to Blind Melon.  To see how that comparision falls out for Zitter, just click here! (January 18)

This year kicks off with the first full review of Alligator Highway. The guys at Sleaze Roxx knows what rocks, so all the good words they say about Alligator Highway can only mean one thing: it's a rocker! Check out the full review at Sleaze Roxx!

This far Red House has peaked at the # 19 spot on the SoundClick Rock Charts. Maybe the gods of '04 will make it climb higher with your help!?  (January 9)