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The Vulture Punk 'N' Roll Machine

Energized by the great feedback the Alligator Highway disc got, Zitter put in a lot of hours to refine their musical style and define a distinct sound of their own. The result, The Vulture Punk N' Roll Machine (2006), was a statement of what Zitter aimed to be. The title was a somewhat pretentious stand that the band had a sound of their own: vulturistic punk n’ roll machine music. The shift of favourite birds, from the swan to the vulture, was a clarifying statement: Zitter was not about writing hit music for the radio, but a dirty bird machine connecting the past with genre-transcending elements, most notable the use of a drum machine and synthesizers. Zitter lay their destiny in the beak of the beautiful scavenger, leaving the swan to its own sad destiny on the sea of the dead. To make this even clearer, they gave their studio a name: Studio Vulture.

Despite the invented label, the band stuck too the musical style they showed on the Alligator Highway disc. Yet, at the same time, they tried to stretch their musical boundaries a bit further. They used keyboards more than they had ever done before, they actually recorded a live snare drum on top of the drum machine snare and they tried to get more of a groove going in the songs. The last aspect is probably most notable on the title track, which is a groovy, melodic tribute song, hailing some of Zitters main influences.

The Vulture disc got really good response in the fanzine world, some complementing the band for exploring their musical boundaries.


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