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Swansong 11

In a small town in the south of Sweden, two boys got shocked n’ rolled by the musical rock scene of the 70’s.The soundtrack of their childhood was written by Alice Cooper, Kiss, AC/DC and the metal acts of the NWOBHM. In the 80’s, their teenage hearts were electrified by the sleaze rock. It was during these years Fred picked up the bass and Bjorn Gustaf, BG, got entangled with the sixstringer. Their first bands played covers, but that was not what Fred and BG settled for. Being the leaders of these bands, they made it clear their own original compositions would be played alongside the covers, and so it was.

When the teenage turned into early adulthood, Fred and BG found themselves living in different parts of Sweden. Despite the long distance between them, they kept in touch and occasionally worked on new material. In the late 90’s, both of them were living in Stockholm. In 1998, they decided to pick up where they had left several years ago. The hours together resulted in a number of songs, songs they felt so strong about that they decided to invest in a digital recorder, quite a new device at the time. The intention was not to put a band together, so they used a drum machine for the drum parts.

Even though it all was about having fun, the project needed a name. Fred wanted to have a Swedish word, which also sounded good in English, maybe even in German as well. “Sitter” is the Swedish word for “sits” or “is sitting”. He thought it was a great, short and easy-to-remember word, but it needed to be spiced up and getting that international vibe. Therefore, the “s” had to go. In came the “z” and Zitter was rolling. BG made the first logo, an attempt to combine the letters of Zitter with the bands favourite bird at the time, the swan.

The writing and recording took about two years. In 2000, the debut disc, Swansong 11, was released. The title was supposed to be somewhat ironic since it was the bands first release. Neither Fred nor BG was aware of the fact that Swansong was the name of Led Zeppelins record company. The connection was completely unintentional.

At this point Zitter was not meant to be anything but a studio project. Inspiration to carry on with the project came when especially the songs Monday and Ironic, resulted in positive response from listeners tuned into the OMDs, such as, which Zitter used to spread and share their music.


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