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It took close to four years before Quintus (2010), the follow up to The Vulture Punk Nā€™ Roll Machine, was written, recorded and released. The songwriting went smooth, but the recordings were delayed when the Studio Vulture went from using digital recording devices to be a computer-based studio. The transfer of the recorded tracks caused a number of problems that eventually got solved. The problems and frustrations put aside, the band was so pleased with the result that they decided to go for a professional release. In order to do so they set up A Vulture Nest Production and got a co-operation deal with Serpentine records.

With Quintus, Zitter has spread their musical wings wider than before, developing their sound into what they now label as a vulturistic beak nā€™ roll machine music. They still believe their songwriting is in the punk n ā€˜ roll vein, but that their arrangements and use of different artificial sounds gives their music an edge that might not be what to expect in the punk nā€™ roll genre. They have also made a shift towards a slightly heavier and darker sound previously not heard on a Zitter disc. But still, the core of the music is catchy and melodic rock.

Ironically, with the release of Quintus, Zitter decided to put the band on the shelf for a while. The mutually agreed decision is based on private and health related reasons. The irony is doubled, since the dragged out mixing process of Quintus turned out to be a productive time with the writing of new material. These songs are more or less ready to be recorded on the spot. This is not going to happen since Zitter has moved out of their rehearsal and recording space. The hiatus will last as long as the Studio Vulture has not been properly re-located and until the main problems have come to an end. Zitter will be heard of in the future!


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