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Happy Fools’ Parade

Fred moved out to the countryside, on an estate where a little red house was located. This turned out to be the place where Zitter worked on the follow up to Swansong 11. Despite the initial intensions, there wasn’t that much time to practice the new songs before the recordings began. In fact, the band members brought in their songs and told the other part how to play the song. This lack of teamwork had a negative effect on the result, Happy Fools’ Parade (2002). In short, the diversity of music on the disc made it sound a bit eclectic. There are keyboard-orientated ballads, like Childhood Days, side by side with groovy rocking tracks, like Soulless Man, and the heavy song, Right Or Wrong.

The response to Happy Fools’ Parade on the OMDs and in some fanzines was quite good. Soulless Man ended up on the compilation disc, "Buzz Songs Vol. 1" (3000Records). The second most well known song from the disc is Personal Hero, a song that grew in popularity when Zitter entered the stage for the very first time. But that was years later! At the time of the release of Happy Fools’ Parade, Zitter didn’t consider climbing up on a stage.

The positive response they received made Fred and BG think a second time about playing live, though. They brought in William on guitar, but it all came to nothing. The rehearsals turned out to be very sporadic, partly because they didn’t have a rehearsal room of their own. The inspiration sank even lower when Fred and BG realized how displeased they were with the Happy Fools’ Parade disc.


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