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Zitter has never, and will probably never be, a live band. In 2008, Zitter did an exception to this rule when they participated in En kväll för cystisk fibros (A night for Cystic fibrosis), a charity show to raise money to support the research around the disease Cystic fibrosis. Their live debut in front of a 600 plus audience was short, actually one song long. Zitter performed Personal Hero, a song from the Happy Fools’ Parade disc. The performance was filmed and can now be seen here!

Playing live caused the band to re-arrange and re-record Personal Hero. Since this was a special occasion, a special appearance seemed appropriate. For the very first time, Zitter brought in another musician on a recording. The vocal performance from Malin Hween, at the time the singer of Dipstone, turned Personal Hero into a completely new song and took Zitter to a new musical level. Of course, Malin joined the band on stage. The new version of Personal Hero was released as a special 3-track EP with two out-takes from the recordings that took place at the same time. Besides the great vocal appearance of Hween, the sound on the Personal Hero EP saw a major change concerning the drums. For the first time Zitter used software drums instead of drum machine sounds. This made a significant change to the vulturistic punk n’ roll machine sound.

The recordings in 2008, was delayed even further when Zitter decided to do another exception from the studio-only-rule. In December they played live in Eskilstuna at Rock för de hemlösa (Rocking for the homeless). The 30-minute gig contained some old songs from the Alligator Highway and the Vulture discs, as well as brand new, un-released songs from the ongoing recording session.

The co-operation with the Rotten Soulz gang continued during the Vulture years and beyond. The moviemakers released the horror-comedy I Död Och Lust (Through Death And Lust), a movie containing three Zitter songs. The next Rotten Soulz-project entitled Hard Steel, is a comedy series of a fictitious hardrock band doomed to fail. In the first two episodes, Zitter is represented with a number of songs.

To show their appreciation of the Rotten Soulz-gang, Zitter wrote a special theme song for the gang, entitled Rotten Soulz. The band felt so pleased with the song, they wanted to release it as soon as possible. Since that work with the up-coming Zitter disc seemed to be a never-ending project, they decided to release Rotten Soulz as a 4-track EP. BG got some time on his own in the Studio Vulture, so he programmed special versions of two old Zitter songs, which together with the new song Flux, ended up on the EP. The title track also resulted in a video. Check it out here!


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