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From the Vulture Nest, located in a desolated pine tree in Sweden since 1998, Zitter has been fusing their influences from the 1970’s and 1980’s into a melodic and catchy vulturistic beak n’ roll machine sound. The core of the band is Fred Z on bass/vocals and B Gustaf on guitars. On their new disc, Quintus, they have been working with Macallico Adee on drums, as well as with Malin Hween and William on background vocals.

The brand new Zitter disc is entitled Quintus, because that is what it is, release number five in the Zitter catalogue. The band has kept the sound and style they developed on their third disc (Alligator Highway, 2003) and carried out with more strength and attitude on the follow up disc (The Vulture Punk N’ Roll Machine, 2006). This is most notable on the Quintus songs Fast Train, If you Want To Have Fun, God Loves You But I Don’t and Mr. High Five. They are as melodic and catchy as a Zitter song can be.

With Quintus, the band has also tried to broaden their sound. They have brought out riffs and moods from a darker and heavier musical landscape previously never visited. Without this inspiration, songs like Scum and Judas Was A Saint would never have been written.

Songs from previous Zitter releases have appeared on compilation discs released by 3000Records and on the DVD Cowabunga Extravagance (Seven Films). Most notable though, might be Zitters collaboration with the Swedish horror-comedy moviemakers Rotten Soulz. Several Zitter-songs can be heard on the last four Rotten Soulz DVD-releases. The Quintus-song Rotten Soulz is Zitters modest way to say thank you to the Rotten Soulz gang.


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