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Instruments: Guitars, b-vox, keyboards, percussions and programming.

Electric guitars: Ibanez (RG and Roadstar series), Gibson Epiphone, Hamer Slammerseries and Tanglewood.

Amp: Marshall JCM 800 100 W head (model 2210) and one JCM 800 Lead 1960's speaker.

Multieffects: Rocktron Chamelon and Digitech RP-7.

A Korg DT-1 PRO Digital tuner.

Acoustic guitars: Washburn and Ibanez.

Microphones: Sure SM 57, Eletro-Voice DS 35 and AKG.

Addictive Drums.

Roland R8M drum machine module and additional soundcards.

Roland XV-3080 synthesizer module.