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Alligator Highway

The discussions around what went wrong with the Happy Fools’ Parade disc, turned out to be very inspirational. Fred and BG felt the need to find what Zitter should be about musically. The sound and musical style needed to be set out before the nest recordings took place. Properly set up in a rehearsal room for the first time, the discussions immediately turned into new songs. The result was Alligator Highway (2003).

With Alligator Highway, Zitter aimed to be a band in the punk n’ roll genre, a label not everyone would attach to the disc, arguing the songs contained elements and musical flavours not belonging to this genre. This feedback triggered an ongoing discussion on what music Zitter played. The band kept re-thinking and clarifying what they wanted to achieve with their music.

Alligator Highway received a lot of great reviews in various fanzines. The song Nobody's Perfect found its way to "Radio Now! Vol. 2" (3000Records) and to the DVD "Cowabunga Extravagance" (Seven Films). Of greater importance though, was the contact Zitter made with the Swedish movie- and videomakers Rotten Soulz. The song Sunny Day Holiday turned up in the Rotten Soulz horror-comedy release Så Länge Jag Andas (As Long As I Breathe). The Rotten Soulz gang also recorded a video for the song. Check it out here!


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